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A precious belief – for a better life

One of the world’s oldest crops has the power to promote good health in tomorrow’s world – we firmly believe this at Boettger. Researchers have already demonstrated its therapeutic potential, and we want to release this to the full by acting as a bridge between people and the plant. We hope that our contribution will help doctors and patients to access new forms of treatment. We are working to liberate medical cannabis from social stigma.

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By extending our family business to Colombia, we are bringing together traditional cultivation in South America and state-of-the-art applications all over the world. Colombia has a long history of connections with the plant, the right climate and economic conditions for cultivation, and a clear legal framework for licensing cannabis. These factors make Colombia the optimum base for our vision. From sowing, growing and extraction via quality assurance, packaging and distribution to research and development. Our own experience for over a century combines with the ancient knowledge of millennia to produce a cannabis that meets the most stringent pharmaceutical requirements and is manufactured according to GACP and GMP guidelines.

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